This Is The Year To Discover Your Passion

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A word from Adira Burchard...

Kari SamuelsIn January of 1913 I was invited to join a short webinar by a group of highly intuitive women. Among them was numerologist, Kari Sameuls. I was impressed by her enthusiasm. It is infectious!

Well, it's two years later and Kari continues to spread her enthusiasm and knowledge. Her video for 2015, is below. This is the year of the number "8" - a year of passion, prosperity and power! And it is important to harmonize yourself with these energies. It takes courage to act on your passion and use power appropriately. But if you live your passion, collaborate with others, be creative and choose love you will find that doors will open and all your dreams will manifest. Watch the video to hear Kari explain the message of this wonderful "8" year.

Do you know anything about numerology? Click on the "Leave A Comment" tab and add your ideas in the comment box below the video. And let me know what you think of the video. You can find more videos by Kari at YouTube.


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