Nine Positive Affirmations Will Increase Your Wealth

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A reflection on the importance of having a positive attitude towards money.

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Most people think wealth refers to money in the bank. And that is true. But it is not all that is true about money. You can be wealthy in your friends, in your relationships, in your career. Feeling wealthy has a lot more to do with your attitude than your wallet.

But you will never be truly wealthy if you have a negative attitude or belief that you can't be wealthy, don't deserve to be rich, or have a lousy system for making or saving money.

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Positive affirmations for increasing your wealth set the tone for wealth to grow in your life. Think of these affirmations as "seeds" you plant in your subconscious. They support your intention, and attract what it is you really want. By expressing the affirmations often during the day, you are reinforcing the positive possibilities each affirmation suggests and your life is opened to receiving all that you truly hope for.

Here are just a few positive affirmations for increasing your wealth that you can use today.

  • My income always exceeds my outflow.
  • I receive money easily and always have enough to meet my needs.
  • I always have more money than I require.
  • I deserve to be wealthy.
  • I easily attract money into my life.
  • I grow in prosperity each and every day.
  • Money flows into my life.
  • I am a good manager of money. New opportunities for increasing my wealth come to me each day.
  • I enjoy being prosperous.

Do you want to be wealthy? What does that mean for you? And do you believe in the power of affirmations to help make that a reality? Add your comment below.

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6 Responses to Nine Positive Affirmations Will Increase Your Wealth

  1. Debra Jason says:

    I am rich in friendships, family, and good health. Yes, financial wealth is good too, but these 3 things come before that. Thanks. Debra
    P.S. You might like this blog post of mine:

  2. That would make a sensational poster!
    Love this post
    Rebecca x

  3. Nancy Kay says:

    As a single mom who started her own business a year ago, these affirmations are very helpful to me. I find each day both rewarding and challenging as I move forward toward greater sources of wealth.

    • adira says:

      Wealth seldom happens all at once. One step at a time is the more likely path. But each step brings us closer to our goals. Thanks for your response and support.

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