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Love Affirmations - How to Utilize Love Affirmations in Your Everyday Life

Guest Post by Robert D. Watson

[amazon_link id="0805087001" target="_blank" container="" container_class="" ]Getting the Love You Want: A Guide for Couples, 20th Anniversary Edition[/amazon_link]Broken heart, hurt and loneliness are three perfect ingredients, which, when mixed together, make our lives dull and miserable. These three things can easily take over our lives and once part of our lives we can see nothing but unhappiness. Very little do we know that we can become happy again and learn to appreciate the feeling of love again through love affirmations. A love affirmation is a simple statement that we continually say to ourselves, which, over time, can help to bring about permanent changes in our lives.

Love affirmations help us to rediscover the love we have lost. An affirmation is a thought that we have during the day which is directly linked to our sub-consciousness. These love affirmations guide our sub-consciousness into a certain direction which can either have positive or negative effective.

To bring about a change in our lives through love affirmations we first need to start thinking positively and wave a good-bye to all our negative thoughts which lead to an unhappy life in the first place. For example instead of 'nobody loves me' start thinking 'everybody loves me'. The key behind reuniting with love is to start loving yourself in the first place and feel confident about you. Adopting a positive love affirmation about yourself such as 'I was born out of love' can be very helpful in helping you regain your self esteem after a breakup or a rough fight.

Secondly change your attitude towards others. Respect their feelings and think that everyone deserves love just like you do. Once you adopt this love affirmation, love will find you. You will no longer see life as miserable but will find it to be filled with love.

Wording used in love affirmations is of great significance. Only use words that are simple and can be easily accepted by your mind, only then will the power of love affirmations work. Preferably try to use word 'love' when making use of a love affirmation. Something along the lines of 'I am worth loving' or 'I will find my true love' or 'I am committed to loving ...' are all good examples of love affirmations.

Love affirmations can not only be used to find love for yourself but it is also about discovering God's love. For example thinking 'I will love others as extensions of my own Self, and of the love I feel from God.' will draw you nearer to God and His universal love.

Love affirmations also help you understand your companion and build a strong bond between couples. Even to find romance you first need to find your inner-love which can only be achieved through love affirmation.

Love affirmations can also be used to draw ourselves closer towards nature. Learn to love nature and most importantly spend time with nature more often. Try thinking about good things such as 'I love the smell of fresh flower' or 'I feel refreshed'.

To get used to love affirmations, note down any positive thought you have during the day maybe on a piece of card or whichever way is convenient to you. During initial stages of the love affirmation technique we might get negative thoughts as well. Note these negative affirmations as well and at the end of each day try replacing them with something more fruitful thought. Review your affirmations twice a day to have a maximum effect of love affirmation. Initially it takes time to step out of a dark miserable world but once you succeed in taking a step nothing can stop you and with the help from repeated love affirmations you will ultimately stop at nothing but love.

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Robert Watson is a certified hypnotherapist with the ABH and the NGH, and has worked with affirmations and subliminal messages for over ten years. Visit his Subliminal Messages website for more information about using affirmations and subliminal messages to help you lose weight, quit smoking, have a more positive outlook and more.

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