How To Boost Your Self Esteem With Affirmations

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One way to stop this negative absorption is to use positive affirmations.

1) Always speak or write your affirmations in present tense. For example, I am successful rather than I want to be successful. By making the affirmations true in “real time” you are empowered to believe them as true.

2) Believable. Your affirmations must be realistic. If you are living a life of near poverty, it is unrealistic to speak an affirmation as if you are someone with a million dollars. Instead create an affirmation that is positive but believable. For example: Each day my prosperity is increasing. My life is full of abundance and possibilities for success. These are believable affirmations.

3) When you speak your affirmations do so with conviction and a positive tone. Even if you doubt the power of affirmations, speak each one with a deliberate tone of respect in the possibility of each becoming real. Your belief in the power of affirmations will become stronger each time you speak them.

4.) Repeat your affirmations frequently during the day. Your unconscious is listening to the words and slowly the words are making an impact on your life. The words you speak attract their own reality.

5) Be patient. You have repeated or listened to negative thinking for years. That negative belief system cannot be undone in just a few days or weeks or months. It takes time to undo all that negativity. So be patient with yourself. Little by little you will see improvements in your attitude and your life. That will be the sign that your affirmations are working!

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