Does White Light Really Work?

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whitelightThis is a quick post. Flying this morning to Florida for business. Unsure if I was going to make it. Weather predictions were for a major storm. All I could imagine was my being forced to dig my car out of 5 foot drifts, missing my connections and missing the meeting. Yikes! Bad karma for sure. So last night, as the storm clouds gathered and the snow began to fall, I put as much "white light" around the snow, the weatherman, the snow plow driver, the car, the bus, the airplane—as much as I could!

And voila! The snow storm drifted  out to sea, leaving only a few inches on the ground. The snow plow came through 5 times last night, clearing a path for my car which started up on the first crank. The bus was on time, the plane is ready to go and there are blue skies above! White light works!!!

Do you ever use whight light to get you through tough times? Share in the comment section below. Peace to you this beautiful day.

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