Great Success Can Be Yours

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In this short essay, contributing author, Adira Burchard explores the question of success. What does it take to make you climb to the top of whatever profession, idea, dream you have? Is there a secret to success? Adira takes the point of view of one who is already successful and seeks greater success. Be confident and success will come. ~ Pat Mullaly

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I am more than capable of great success.

My abilities and talents render me more than qualified to achieve my dreams. The quality of my skills and the strength of my will power exceed the challenges ahead of me. When I focus on my strengths instead of my weaknesses, I achieve greater success.

I can propel myself high above any hurdle that stands in my way. Determination is the wind beneath my wings as I rise above obstacles. Preparation is what helps me overcome the fear of taking risks.

I seek knowledge and educate myself continuously in order to be confident in my abilities. I feel comfortable asking questions so I may learn from those I admire. My eyes are trained to spot and retain useful information. I seize every opportunity that I can to expand my capabilities.

I present myself with credibility. Others look forward to working with me because they are confident in my ability to succeed. I have earned the respect of those around me by upholding a high standard for myself. I am fortunate to have a team of people that I can count on to support me in my endeavors.

Success surrounds me like a shield. Great success is within my reach. When I accept my value, I free myself to achieve my potential. My work is marked by passion and integrity. I am more than capable of great success because I work hard for my dreams.

I am well grounded. I am fully capable of managing the responsibilities that come with great success. With my abilities in one hand and a strong support group in the other, I am able to be successful beyond my wildest expectations.

Today, I am confident that success is within my reach.

Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. How can I better prepare myself for success?
  2. Have I set high standards for myself?
  3. What can I do to increase my knowledge and skills?


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Do You Have The Power To Change?

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I recognize the impact my beliefs have on how I feel and behave. Believing something about a situation determines how events progress. What I think and feel about another person affects how I relate to that person. My beliefs in myself determine how I perform.

However, I can choose what I believe. If I want to see a situation differently, I have the power to do so.

My beliefs are particularly important when I am relating to others. If I believe a person has certain qualities, then I assume I know how they think and act. But when I change my mind about someone, I see the person differently, often for the better. I am free to determine what I believe about someone.

My beliefs about myself determine my level of confidence. Whether I am beginning a new project, attending a social event, or experiencing changes in a personal relationship, how my life progresses is largely determined by what I believe. And I am blessed with the power to change how I see things.

Knowing I can change what I believe brings success into my life. Inside myself, I make a decision about what I think is true. But if I observe factors that do not coincide with my beliefs, I change how I view other people and situations based on this new information.

Today, I plan to embrace my power to change my beliefs. I can alter those beliefs that ultimately result in less than ideal situations, relationships, or behavior.

Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. Do I have the power to change my beliefs?
  2. What is a particular assumption that hinders me?
  3. How can I create more success by accepting my power to change my beliefs?

Do you have the power to change your beliefs? How do you do it? Add your comment below. We want to know what you are thinking.

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