About Affirmations

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Affirmations are simply thoughts, both spoken and unspoken.

Just as water rushes by in a river, thoughts are constantly passing through your mind, confirming your beliefs for either good or ill. Affirmations can be both positive and negative. To be happy you must entertain happy thoughts. To be joyful, you must affirm joy in your life. It sounds so simple, almost childlike, but it is true.

If all you think about is what can go wrong, how bad things are going, how difficult your partner or boss or co-worker is acting, what room is there for anything positive to manifest in your life?

To seek and find love, you must confirm the love that is already in your heart and affirm your ability to expand that love. To manifest abundance in your business or career, you must take upon yourself the belief that prosperity can not only be yours, but that it is manifesting itself in your life even now.

Repeat this one affirmation today, believe it with conviction and watch what happens in your life!

My career is overflowing with success and rewards me with all the money I need.

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